RCM Exam

$265 + HST

Once you have completed the necessary educational requirements you are eligible to write the RCM comprehensive exam immediately. Writing the exam right after you have completed the education requirements will increase your potential for success as the material will be fresh and you will be experienced at exam writing. Your exam results will be held on file with ACMO and once you have completed working as a condominium manager for two years (meeting all the requirements), you may apply for your RCM Designation.

To write the RCM exam, you must be an Individual Member in good standing of ACMO (if you are not a member, please complete the membership application and submit with your payment).

The RCM examination has been prepared by experts in the field of Condominium Management and is designed to ensure that Condominium Property Managers in Ontario are fully qualified professionals with broad expertise and knowledge in this field. The exam focuses on the following four areas: Condominium Law, Financial Planning, Physical Building Management and Administration and Human Relations. The RCM examination is a closed book exam and three and a half hours long.

ACMO is pleased to announce that as of March 2021, the RCM exam is available to be written and proctored online.

Please check the Events Calendar for current dates and registration information.