Profile of a Condominium Manager

Stefanie Storto, R.C.M.
Property Manager

Responsibilities: Notices to owners, management reports, AGM’s, review financial statements, coding invoices/issuing P.O’s, communications with BOD and owners, monthly board meetings, dealing with contractors on site, communications with Engineers

Characteristics required for success: Discipline, structure, organization, assertiveness but also customer service oriented recognising that owners are the most important part of the job.

Share a success story: A resident on site was recently diagnosed with ALS and required the use of a wheelchair. The complex she resides in is a stacked townhome complex, which made it difficult to enter/exit her unit on a daily basis. The Board of Directors and I ensured that proper steps were taken and research was conducted in order to have a lift installed on the staircase to her unit. Within 2 weeks everything was complete and the owner was able to continue living in her home.

Share a tip that would be helpful for new managers: Make sure you show your residents and board that you are reliable and dedicated to getting tasks done effectively – Be responsive and courteous.

What does ACMO mean to you? ACMO means integrity to me and being part of an association that demands excellence and perseverance.