Profile of a Condominium Manager

Babak Ardalan, B.Sc., B.E.S., R.C.M.
District Manager

Responsibilities: Guide and assist the Board of Directors to make the best decisions towards improvement of the quality of life in their community.

Characteristics required for success: I like interacting with people. Reliable. Happy to help. Lead by example. Good communicator. Comfortable with “change”, and happy to be the voice for the change.

Share a success story: Taking over a split community, where differences of opinion/interest had resulted in a dysfunctional, bankrupt, and undesirable situation for all involved. By opening dialogues, and promoting compromises towards the best interest of the entire community, managed to bring the opposing parts closer together and find a compromised solution. Within less than a year we were all enjoying smooth operation, financial stability, and a very desirable community.

Share a tip that would be helpful for new managers: Do not get carried away by the word “manager”. We serve clients! At best, we are Facilitators, Advisors, and Coordinators.

What does ACMO mean to you? The centre of knowledge, expertise, and guidance for people, who (like me) have chosen to become professional condominium managers.