What is an RCM?

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  • Each RCM must pledge to place honesty, integrity and industriousness above all else, to pursue gainful efforts with diligent study and dedication to the end that service to clients shall always be maintained at the highest possible level.
  • The effort to obtain a RCM identifies a manager who is committed to the profession.
  • The RCM practices pursuant to a Code of Professional Ethics which also provides for a complaints resolution process.


  • The RCM has been tested on all aspects of condominium management.
  • The RCM provides direction and leadership to all the condominium staff.
  • The RCM is trained to collaborate with the directors, owners and suppliers to create a harmonious condominium community.

Standard of Care

  • The RCM provides assistance to the board and supervises the overall operation of the corporation.
  • The RCM will ensure that all meetings are effectively organized.
  • The RCM is trained to understand and enforce the declarations, by laws and rules.
  • The RCM has skills in communications and human relations.


  • The RCM has received comprehensive education in all aspects of condominium management.
  • The RCM receives ongoing education from ACMO including legislative updates, technical bulletins and peer networking.
  • The RCM is skilled in time management and project planning.
  • The RCM has access to the full resources of ACMO.


  • The RCM has at least 2 years of experience in condominium property management in the last 5 years, completing the required tasks as outlined on the RCM Designation form.
  • The RCM has an understanding of physical building systems.
  • The RCM will be able to provide meaningful annual budgets.
  • The RCM has a working knowledge of all legislation impacting condominiums.


  • The RCM will ensure cost-effective purchasing and negotiations with suppliers.
  • The RCM is responsible for accurate accounting records and monitoring of annual budgets.
  • The RCM will enforce the collection procedures for maintenance fees.
  • The RCM will supervise the implementation of reserve fund plans and risk management plans.
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Note: All professional condominium managers, including RCMs, are required to be licensed through the CMRAO