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Profile of a Condominium Manager 

“One day is never like the day before it”…or…”It’s never boring”. Ask any manager what led them to condominium management or what keeps them in the profession, and you will find that, for many, it’s the uncertainty and the potential for new experiences that draws them to this field.

We asked a few of our members with varying backgrounds and experience levels to provide some insight into their day-to-day and tell us what they believe is the key to becoming a successful condominium manager.


Shawn Machado

Shawn Machado, R.C.M.
Property Manager

Responsibilities: Oversee the day-to-day operation and strategic planning for a variety of low-rise, high-rise and commercial Condominiums. Additionally, oversee other team members and administrators.

Characteristics required for success: Flexibility. Managers who are able to adapt their management style to fit the needs of their clients, and the condominium industry will be more likely to be successful. The role of a Property Manager is exceptionally dynamic… Read More


Gabriela Shand

Gabriela Shand, R.C.M.
Senior Property Manager

Responsibilities: Provide services to 49 condominium corporations, including common element, commercial, vacant land, phased and standard condominiums; assist, advise and guide board of directors with their responsibilities and duties; assist with by-laws, rules, Section 98 Agreements, Declaration amendments; prepare yearly budgets; assist with preparation and distribution of AGM notices, attend and assist the boards at the AGMs; prepare and supervise contracts for maintenance and repairs of properties; hire, train and supervise… Read More


Stefanie StortoStefanie Storto, R.C.M.
Property Manager

Responsibilities: Notices to owners, management reports, AGM’s, review financial statements, coding invoices/issuing P.O’s, communications with BOD and owners, monthly board meetings, dealing with contractors on site, communications with Engineers

Characteristics required for success: Discipline, structure, organization, assertiveness but also customer service oriented recognising that owners… Read More


Babak ArdalanBabak Ardalan, B.Sc., B.E.S., R.C.M.
District Manager

Responsibilities: Guide and assist the Board of Directors to make the best decisions towards improvement of the quality of life in their community.

Characteristics required for success: Like interacting with people. Reliable. Happy to help. Lead by example. Good communicator. Comfortable with “change”, and… Read More


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