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CM Magazine is the flagship quarterly publication of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario and is a leading provider of information to professionals within the condominium industry for the purpose of communication between the Association and its members. It is also a forum for fair comment and discussion on all matters of general interest to the condominium community at large. CM Magazine has a printed circualtion is 9,300+ per issue and a digital circulation of approxiamtely 400 views per issue.  The audience consists of Condominium Managers, Condominium Management Companies, Industry Services & Trades Providers, and Condominium Boards. 

Article submission is not open to the general public. ACMO members in good standing may contribute articles. From time to time we will reach out to the broader condominium industry and request articles from non-members and other industry experts (e.g. government partners, educational partners, legal experts), if the subject matter requires a distinctive perspective that cannot be addressed by an individual ACMO member or company.

All content should be educational and informative, for example, industry news, views on aspects of the condominium management field, evolving trends, etc. All content should be original to CM Magazine and not published elsewhere. Types of articles that we look for include: case studies; first person accounts; success stories; caselaw; RCM profiles; Manager/Board relations; how-to articles; top tips; and best practices. If you are unsure, or want to suggest a topic, you should contact the editor at editor@acmo.org.

Articles that are biased or strongly promote a proprietary product, company or service fall into the content marketing category. Although there may be educational aspects to this type of article, if it reads as a sales pitch, the article may be declined at the discretion of CM Magazine staff. If you are
interested in submitting sponsored content (advertorial), contact the ad manager at ads@acmo.org.

It is the author’s responsibility to obtain approval from third parties to include personal/business information and to ensure that information is factual, accurate, and free from bias, etc. Information obtained from other sources must be properly cited. Plagiarized articles, whether in part or fully copied, will not be published. The author assumes any liability and repercussions for plagiarized content.

Articles may be edited for content, grammar and length. ACMO editorial staff reserve the right to refuse content deemed to be unsuitable or that does not meet the requirement of educational content as mentioned above.


The 2020 Editorial themes are:


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