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Winter 2018 Issue
It's one year since the first round of legislative changes to the Condominium Act have been implemented. What is the impact on condominium managers and management companies? Read our thought-provoking articles to find out.

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Use Human Behaviour in Finance

to Manage the Decision-Making Process

Your Condo || Matthew Solda

Every individual is exactly that… an individual. We all come from varied backgrounds of unique experiences that form who we are, what we value and why we do the things we do. We want to feel included, understood, appreciated and most of all heard. 

To Keep or Remove

Common Area Furniture

Your Condo || Trisha Ashcroft

This question is raised more often these days by building owners and property managers when their building is visited by fire inspectors. Understanding your responsibility for fire safety and taking steps to mitigate risk is important.

ACMO 2000

A Strong Foundation for Success

Your Condo || Steven Hill

Starting a property management company is no small feat. It takes courage, strength, energy and, most of all, creativity. We opened Whitehill Residential with all the best intentions – to take what we have learned from working in the industry over many years to create a business of “best practices.” 

What I’ve


Your Condo || Peter Webb

I have been involved with condominiums since 1973 as a condominium owner and served as a board member on three different condominium corporations where I have lived over the years. I began taking courses to provide insight into complex realities of the then “new” condominium living and the necessity of becoming involved in the community. I started a condominium property management firm in late 1979.

The Back Page

2019 Exclusive! Leading the Way

Last Word || unknown

The Annual Condominium Conference is the showcase educational and networking event for the condominium industry in Ontario. Every year the conference continues to grow in stature. As you can see by our photo spread on pages 48–49, this is reflected in consistent increases in attendance by condominium managers and directors, in trade show participation by suppliers and professionals, and in the interest shown by speakers.


ontinuing Educaation, Cabinet Shuffles, CAT Decisions and Condo Conference 2019

News and Previews || Dianne Werbicki

NEW Continuing Education Requirements for Condo Manager General Licence Renewal in 2019

Things to Watch for

in 2019

Feature || James Davidson

2018 has been an exceptionally busy year for condominium managers and directors in Ontario. The first phase of the amendments to the Condominium Act brought widespread change to condominium management and administration. Here’s a quick list of some of the key changes:

Happy Anniversary!

Reflecting on changes to the Condo Act

Feature || Michael Goldrich, Justin Goldrich

As much as Goldview Property Management Ltd. enjoyed attending ACMO’s luncheons and seminars in preparation for the legislative changes to Ontario’s condominiums – because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love time out of the office, a delicious lunch, name tags and awkward conversation – we were eager to see how the condominium industry would be affected. 

One Year of Licensing

a snapshot of the condominium sector

Feature || Ali Arlani

It is estimated that 50% of the new homes being built in the province are condominiums, which is not surprising considering the rapid expansion of Ontario’s condominium communities. Condo managers are professionals who, like other occupations in Ontario, must be licensed. 

Electronic Voting & Proxies:

The different ways to cast a vote and what condos should be aware of

Feature || Trevor Zeyl

It’s safe to say that this past year has been a huge learning curve for anyone working within the condominium industry. The updated Condominium Act has introduced new forms, notices and procedures for condominium property managers to follow when it comes to meetings, distribution of notices, and voting. 

Proxies & Information Certificates

Impact on managing and managers

Feature || Thomas Kortko

There was considerable discussion and speculation on the impact of the new forms under the amended Condominium Act leading up to their release on November 1, 2017. As over a year has now passed this is a good time to reflect on how the new proxy form and information certificates have directly impacted managers and the management of our communities. 

One Day,

One Legislative Change at a Time

Feature || Kristi Sargeant-Kerr

If there is one thing that has been consistent over the past year in the condominium industry, it is legislative change. It has permeated almost every aspect of how we build, work with and live in condominiums.

Mandatory Director Training

Benefits for boards & management

Feature || Stephanie Cox

When I was asked to write an article on the benefits of the mandatory Director Training and the benefits that it provides to the boards and management I thought it best that I actually take the training so I knew more about that which I was asked to write.

Managing outside

the GTA

Feature || Gabriella Shand, Shane Haskell

Q: As a regional owner, and ACMO2000 executive, what is your experience of amendments under the new Condo Act? The amendments have brought about many challenges. As with any change, this is expected until all stakeholders can get into the new regime. 

22nd Annual

Condominium Conference

News and Previews || Ashley Chiaramida

This year’s Condominium Conference, organized jointly by ACMO and CCI- Toronto, was another great success! With over 1200 delegates, a vast educational program, upwards of 200 exhibitors and almost 40 sponsors, this year’s event wasn’t one to be missed.