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Spring 2021 Issue
A look at our condominium communities and how the pandemic has changed how we manage condominiums post-COVID. What will the condos of the future look like given the world today and how will we manage this 'new normal'?

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Accessibility Audits: Creating Living-in-Place by Way of Inclusive Design

The Future of Condos

Feature || Jane Sleeth

In this article, we discuss how to cost-effectively create and upgrade condominiums that can be lived in, worked in, and enjoyed over the long term, even if the owner develops a disability with age. It is important to understand where the deficits are in and around the building, where accessible elements are in place, and meet Building Code and Human Rights requirements.

Auditor General’s 2020 Annual Report Implications for the Condominium Industry

The Future of Condos

Feature || Victor Yee

On December 7, 2020, the Auditor General of Ontario (the “AUDG”) released her 2020 Annual Report comprised of value-for-money audits of the provinces programs and services, one of which focused on “Condominium Oversight in Ontario.” Although the audit report included some accurate observations about the condominium industry, there were some criticisms and recommendations that may be misguided due to feedback received from a small vocal minority of dissatisfied unit owners.

Executive Director's Message

Good Riddance 2020, Welcome 2021?

Message from the Executive Director || Paul B. MacDonald

President's Message

A Glance Back, and the Road Ahead.

Message from the President || Dean McCabe, RCM

How Will the New Work-From-Home Movement Affect Condo Amenities?

The Future of Condos

Feature || Eric Plant, RCM

It may be hard to remember, but not that long ago, people used to dream about the opportunity to work from home. The idea of sleeping in, wearing pyjama pants all day and leaving the car in the driveway seemed like the ideal scenario! Hindsight is always 20/20, but it is hard to see how we could have been so wrong.

Improving Your Reserve Fund Study

Your Condo: Reserve Funds

Your Condo || Mitchell Gerskup

Does your condominium have a proper plan in place for reserve fund expenses? Condominium boards are often unaware that the planning you do above and beyond your reserve fund study will save time and money. 

Leader of the Year

Judy Statham, RCM

The Back Page || Judy Statham, RCM

As the recipient of ACMO’s Leader of the Year for 2020, in addition to being extremely honoured and excited to accept this award and join past recipients, it was cause for reflection on what it really means to be an RCM and member of ACMO.

Let’s Get Digital and Build Happier, Healthier Condo Communities

Your Condo: Technology

Your Condo || Phillip Livingston

Communication has always been important for condo communities, but it’s even more essential now. If you are reopening your gym to residents, how will you ensure they are up-to-date on the latest rules or policies? How will you ensure overcrowding doesn’t occur? Using a safe and accessible form of digital communication, boards and property managers can safely reopen gyms and other facilities and allow residents to run, lift, and sweat again.

Managing During a Pandemic: Adapting to a New Normal

The Future of Condos

Feature || Sean Wilde, RCM

In 2020 our society and industry faced unprecedented events in our lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to quickly pivot and adapt to keep our clients, staff, and families safe.

Patience Is a Virtue, Especially in Condominium Management

The Future of Condos

Feature || Lisa Wilson, RCM

As property managers in these strange times, we have all had to learn patience with our clients, our residents, contractors, our families, and each other. Our patience has been tested in all of us this year. How can residents learn to manage their expectations for 'quiet enjoyment' of their unit when EVERYONE is home and making noise?


A quick glance at what’s happening with ACMO and the condominium industry.

News and Previews || Tracey Doherty

In this issue: Welcome to new RCMs, the Auditor General’s report on Condominium Oversight, the Residential Condominium Buyers’ Guide, new resources for condo boards & owners, licensing education changes, and free ACMO virtual events.

The Future of Board Meetings

Your Condo: Meetings

Your Condo || Noah Maislin and Marko Lindhe

Virtual meetings have gone from a begrudged necessity to a comfortable new norm. With many of the technical difficulties associated with virtual meetings ironed out over the last year, condominium corporations are now finding that their processes can carry on as normal despite the limitations on gathering in-person.

The Future of Condo AGM Meetings

Your Condo: Meetings

Your Condo || Denise Lash

The pandemic has forced all of us to make dramatic changes in our personal and professional lives, and condominium corporations are no exception. Board members, managers and unit owners have been forced to fundamentally change how they go about conducting business in their communities – holding meetings in person is no longer feasible, nor is expecting owners to cast their vote in person.

The New Age of Parcel Deliveries

The Future of Condos

Feature || Jane McIver

The shift in the retail landscape from bricks and mortar to online shopping and resulting increase in parcel deliveries mean smart parcel lockers are fast becoming a must-have amenity in condos of all sizes – not only because they provide a short-term solution, but because of their adaptability to meet future needs.

Utilizing Your Manager’s Value

The Future of Condos

Feature || Brad Wells, RCM

Condo management providers have had to be creative to continue providing essential services in response to a pandemic. In many cases, the condo board and management company have found they are able to utilize more of the condo manager’s value. Many plan to continue with these creative solutions post-pandemic.