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Fall 2021 Issue
Criminals live in condominium communities too. From cybercrime and scams to dishonest contractors and conflicts of interest for boards and managers, learn what to look out for as a property manager to protect your condo community.

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How to Use Education to Reduce Conflict of Interest Risk

Fraud & Crime

Feature || Vadim Koyen

Property managers play a crucial role in assisting and educating board members on capital improvement best practices. Unfortunately, the learning curve is steep, becoming even steeper when dealing with board members who are either inexperienced or corrupt. When a property management company is willing to drive accountability, they can successfully steer boards away from unethical conduct they may either knowingly or unknowingly commit.

The Impact of Governance and Management on Condominium Lifestyle

Condo Living: A Manager's Perspective

Feature || Vadim Koyen

Condo communities are often at the mercy of the board, which governs regulations and policies, and the property management companies who carry out the orders of the day. Collectively their job is to ensure the owners’ right to quiet enjoyment while also considering the type of lifestyle the condo community provides. When the two parties fail to manage the property effectively, its value, amenities, social aspects, and the residents’ lifestyle is negatively impacted.