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Winter 2021 Issue
Connecting in the digital age can help cultivate owner/management relationships, increase safety and security, and build community culture. Condominium corporations are doing more now than ever before to keep their owners in the loop with digital communications, virtual meetings, and electronic payments, and even social media groups.

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Diversity: My Own Journey

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Ruki Mohamedbhai, RCM

The issue of systemic racism needs to acknowledged and confronted. It challenges our perceived roles and makes us complicit in what is happening today. Whether an organization or society, everyone plays a key role in accepting, and most importantly, embracing our differences, regardless of your ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs.

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Ruki Mohamedbhai

RCM Profiles || Ruki Mohamedbhai

Shining the light on those in the condominium management profession.