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Fall 2021 Issue
Criminals live in condominium communities too. From cybercrime and scams to dishonest contractors and conflicts of interest for boards and managers, learn what to look out for as a property manager to protect your condo community.

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Advice for Businesses Worried About Making Big Mistakes

Nobody's Perfect

Feature || Phillip Livingston

Any business that is owned and operated by humans is susceptible to mistakes. New and small business owners share that reality with large and established corporations. Whether it’s a miscalculated decision that results in a financial loss, or an aggressive goal that doesn’t pan out, mistakes will happen.

Let’s Get Digital and Build Happier, Healthier Condo Communities

Your Condo: Technology

Your Condo || Phillip Livingston

Communication has always been important for condo communities, but it’s even more essential now. If you are reopening your gym to residents, how will you ensure they are up-to-date on the latest rules or policies? How will you ensure overcrowding doesn’t occur? Using a safe and accessible form of digital communication, boards and property managers can safely reopen gyms and other facilities and allow residents to run, lift, and sweat again.