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Winter 2021 Issue
Connecting in the digital age can help cultivate owner/management relationships, increase safety and security, and build community culture. Condominium corporations are doing more now than ever before to keep their owners in the loop with digital communications, virtual meetings, and electronic payments, and even social media groups.

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Leveraging the Evolution of Online Communications to Manage Conflict

Connecting in the Digital Age

Feature || Marc Bhalla

Certain etiquette associated with online communications has relaxed compared to just a few short years ago. It is essential to recognize the benefits as they can be applied to better manage condominium conflict.

To Infinity and Beyond

With Mediation, the Possibilities are Endless

Feature || Marc Bhalla

Unlike all other formal dispute resolution processes, mediation focuses on the parties – those involved in conflict coming together and working together to find a mutually acceptable outcome. 

The Cost of Condo Conflict

Forever in Blue Jeans

Feature || Marc Bhalla

Conflict resolution can cost money. Sometimes lots of it. Learn how to be smarter with your financial outlay.

Managing Conflict

with Professionalism

Feature || Marc Bhalla

Property managers often find themselves in a unique position when conflict emerges in a condominium. As the primary contact for resident and owner concerns and the liaison to the board, management is often thrust smack in the middle of conflict – from the early stages all the way to mediation, arbitration or court.