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Winter 2021 Issue
Connecting in the digital age can help cultivate owner/management relationships, increase safety and security, and build community culture. Condominium corporations are doing more now than ever before to keep their owners in the loop with digital communications, virtual meetings, and electronic payments, and even social media groups.

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Forward Momentum for a Licensed Profession

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Janice Schenk

As the profession develops, what is the next step to ensure continued forward momentum for condominium managers and management providers?

Do You Have a Transitional General Licence?

Fundamentals of Management

News and Previews || Janice Schenk

Prepare to Do Well

on the RCM Exam

Feature || Janice Schenk

Are you ready to write the RCM Exam? Being eligible to write the exam and going on to successfully pass the exam are two different things. The average passing rate for the RCM exam over the past two years has been 66%; that means that only 66% of the candidates writing any RCM exam have passed. You may write the exam a total of three times, but how can you prepare to ensure success the first time you write?

How to Earn

Your RCM Designation

Feature || Janice Schenk

The steps to earn your RCM Designation depend upon the number of years of experience you have as a condominium property manager in Ontario. Experience for the RCM is defined on the second page of the RCM Designation application.