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Summer 2020 Issue
The RCM designation is a way for condominium managers to set themselves apart from a General Licensee, and has become recognized as a marker of a serious, well-prepared and dedicated professional.

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10 Things You Need to Know

about Payment Procedures for Capital Repairs

Your Condo || Gerald R. (Jerry) Genge

There are major changes to the old Construction Lien Act that will significantly affect Ontario condominiums. Amendments have been passed that will modernize the Act, help ensure that businesses and workers get paid on time, and help ensure that payment disputes are addressed quickly. 

In Front of Climate Change

Preparing for Climate Change

Feature || Gerald R. (Jerry) Genge

It would be trite to say climate change [CC] is perceived differently around the world, but it’s true … and while some political leaders may be deniers of convenience and some in the global manufacturing market may be willfully blind to the effects of greenhouse gases [GHG] and particularly CO2, the climate data is pretty clear.