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CM Magazine has a printed circulation of 7,000+ per issue and a digital circulation of approximately 400 views per issue.  The audience consists of Condominium Managers, Condominium Management Companies, Industry Services & Trades Providers, and Condominium Boards. 

Article submission is not open to the general public. ACMO members in good standing may contribute articles. From time to time we will reach out to the broader condominium industry and request articles from non-members and other industry experts (e.g. government partners, educational partners, legal experts), if the subject matter requires a distinctive perspective that cannot be addressed by an individual ACMO member or company.

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Summer 2024 Issue
Dealing With Harassment in The Condominium!
This issue will delve into proactive strategies and tactics for dealing with ever increasing levels of abuse and harassment experienced by condominium managers and directors, and what can be done practically and legally to address the problem and provide adequate security and protection for your community.

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President's Message

A Growing Industry Brings Opportunity & Responsibility

Message from the President || Eric Plant, RCM ACMO President

As you open the pages of this month’s edition of the CM Magazine, I hope this letter finds you thriving in your respective roles and ready to engage with the wealth of information we have in store for you.

As you are well aware, this is a time of significant growth within our industry, a reality that brings with it as much opportunity as it does responsibility. The sheer pace of development is extraordinary – the development at a single intersection in Vaughan now rivals what is being built in most other Canadian cities outside Vancouver, Ottawa, and the GTA. It is indeed an exciting time, one that our industry should embrace and celebrate.


Judicial Matters

Feature || Response by Eric Plant, RCM

An advice column where you can ask any question or share a difficult situation relating to condominium management anonymously, and we will endeavour to find an appropriate expert in the field and publish an answer with some advice. Ask the hard questions you may have been afraid to ask for fear of repercussions. Your full name or company will never be published or shared.

President's Message

Legally Speaking

Message from the President || Eric Plant, RCM

President's Message

Knowledge is the Foundation of Excellence

Message from the President || Eric Plant, RCM


Stuck Between a Rock and Hard Place

Last Word || Eric Plant, RCM

For many managers, the job is anything but simple. Despite being technical experts in their fields, the hardest part of the job for many managers is putting up with the people – and politics – that make up their day-to-day work lives.

Is Fraud Really a Problem in Condominiums?

Fraud & Crime

Feature || Eric Plant, RCM

It is no secret that our industry can be a magnet for fraudulent activity. If you’ve spent any time in the industry, you may have seen it firsthand or heard about it on the news. From the large-scale con jobs to more minor discreet thefts, condominiums seem designed to be targeted for this kind of activity.

How Will the New Work-From-Home Movement Affect Condo Amenities?

The Future of Condos

Feature || Eric Plant, RCM

It may be hard to remember, but not that long ago, people used to dream about the opportunity to work from home. The idea of sleeping in, wearing pyjama pants all day and leaving the car in the driveway seemed like the ideal scenario! Hindsight is always 20/20, but it is hard to see how we could have been so wrong.