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Fall 2020 Issue
People from all walks of life have chosen the condominium lifestyle. How do you manage an inclusive, cooperative environment that brings out the best in everyone? In this issue, we discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in managing a diverse community.

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A General Licence is Not Enough

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Eric Plant

How does the RCM stack up to the General Licence holder? To the casual observer, it appears that the requirements for the RCM are actually quite similar to those of the General Licence. The RCM requires the same four courses and a similar amount of on the job training. This being the case, what makes someone with an RCM stand out?

Time Management or Getting It All Done in 2020

The 2020 Manager

Feature || Eric Plant

A lot has changed for condominium managers in the last generation. In addition to a new set of laws and regulatory agencies, managers now have dozens of new technologies and tools at their disposal. If you could go back in time and explain to a manager in the 1990s what amazing time-saving devices would be available to them in the future, most of them would probably imagine spending their days relaxing while their tasks were reduced to the click of a few buttons. 

The Condominium Industry – A Beginner’s Guide

Technology to Manage Business and Life

Feature || Eric Plant