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Winter 2019 Issue
It’s the digital age. Managers, management companies, and their boards must keep on the top of technology trends to make their corporations more efficient and effective.

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Counterpoint: A Vote for Change

Technology to Manage Business and Life

Feature || Denise Lash

Common Expenses

Recent Cases

Your Condo || Denise Lash

Common expenses are a lifeline for condominiums. In order for a condominium to be properly operated and maintained, it needs the funds generated by the common expenses to be paid on a timely basis by all owners in accordance with their share of common expenses as set out in the declaration. The following cases dealt with situations where this did not happen.

The New

Construction Act

Your Condo || Denise Lash, Danielle Swartz

The condominium industry has experienced its share of changes over the past few years, however, there is one more piece of legislation that the condominium industry needs to prepare itself for. As of July 1, 2018, the first wave of amendments to the Construction Lien Act (now called the Construct ion Act ) came into force , which will affect all condominium corporations where a person supplies services or materials to an “improvement” to the common elements of a condominium corporation.

Physical Assault at Board Meetings:

Is the Condo Corp Responsible?

Your Condo || Denise Lash

In a recent case, Omotayo v. Da Costa, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice considered whether a condominium corporation was responsible to prevent an assault at a board meeting by one participant against another participant.