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Summer 2024 Issue
Dealing With Harassment in The Condominium!
This issue will delve into proactive strategies and tactics for dealing with ever increasing levels of abuse and harassment experienced by condominium managers and directors, and what can be done practically and legally to address the problem and provide adequate security and protection for your community.

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The Overlooked Rewards of a Career in Condo Management

The Manager Shortage

Feature || By Dean McCabe, RCM

Condominium Management is a profession that, although it is almost 50 years old, is also very much in its infancy.  The changes that the Ontario government introduced in 2017 served as a reset for our profession.  The introduction of licensing began a new era that began to draw young people to the profession and frankly provided incentive for others to search for new opportunities outside of the management profession.

ACMO 2000 Certified Spotlight

The Meritus Group

ACMO 2000 || Dean McCabe, RCM

Shining a light on an ACMO 2000 Certified Management Firm choosing to offer a higher standard of service to elevate their business.

The True Cost of Record Requests


The Back Page || Dean McCabe, RCM

In recent months there has been a disturbing trend with some decisions released by the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) regarding the allowances for property management’s time allocated to responding to records requests from unit owners.

Think Before You Type: Responding to Social Media Attacks

Connecting in the Digital Age

Feature || Dean McCabe, RCM

Have you heard the phrase “keyboard warriors”; a person who makes abusive or aggressive posts on the internet? Some of you may have experienced extreme frustration with someone anonymously attacking your professionalism, credibility, or even your character online. Maybe the attacks are not anonymous; perhaps someone is blatantly and publicly propagating lies about you from behind their computer screen. They are hurtful and constitute harassment; make no mistake about it.

A Farewell Address from ACMO’s Retiring President


Feature || Dean McCabe, RCM

Thank you for being part of ACMO. Your involvement and passion in this profession and industry gives us our strength reminds us that we are part of a professional community, and provides the spark that allows us to see our way forward into the future.

President's Message

A Glance Back, and the Road Ahead.

Message from the President || Dean McCabe, RCM

President’s Message

From a Managers Perspective

Message from the President || Dean McCabe, RCM

President's Message

Lessons Learned

Message from the President || Dean McCabe

These unprecedented times have presented many new challenges to the condominium management profession. For the first time, managers have had to focus as much on the health of their community as on managing the property. Managers became “essential workers,” demonstrating the professionalism, adaptability and flexibility that lies under the surface of what we do every day.

The Impending Deadline for Transitional General Licensees

The RCM Advantage

Feature || Dean McCabe

The impending deadline for Transitional General Licensees to complete the transition and obtain their General License has created a fear that many experienced managers will choose to walk away from the profession rather than complete the educational requirements.

In Memoriam:

Dennis Olorenshaw

News and Previews || Dean McCabe

It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of Denis Olorenshaw earlier this year. Denis was a very familiar face to everyone involved in ACMO during our formative years. His dedication and talents helped develop the CM Magazine and his presence behind the camera at ACMO events helped us mark the time as the Association grew.


Condo Act Reform

ACMO’s Submission on First Draft Regulation

News and Previews || Dean McCabe

In late December 2016, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services issued a first draft regulation that supports the implementation of the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (CMSA). As members will recall, the CMSA will regulate and administer the licensing of condominium managers and management companies across Ontario.

The Right

to Access Records

Feature || Dean McCabe

Anyone who works in condominiums has heard it said before, “access to records is the single largest cause for disputes in condominiums…”.