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Fall 2020 Issue
People from all walks of life have chosen the condominium lifestyle. How do you manage an inclusive, cooperative environment that brings out the best in everyone? In this issue, we discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in managing a diverse community.

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President's Message

The RCM Advantage

Message from the President || Audrey M. McGuire

I firmly believe that we will learn many things from this pandemic that will improve how we conduct business, and be more productive in the industry, and hopefully be better humans in general.

President’s Message

Hot Commodities!

Message from the President || Audrey M. McGuire

The industry continues to evolve and make immense progress. The role and responsibility of a condominium manager has kept pace and developed. Currently a career in condominium management is more rewarding than ever with the potential and opportunity for improved compensation being achieved through licensing and the RCM designation.

Looking Back … and New Beginnings

Technology to Manage Business and Life

Message from the President || Audrey M. McGuire

Message from the President

Leading Our Communities

Message from the President || Audrey M. McGuire

The ACMO Board of Directors and staff have been extremely busy since the turn of the new year. Our committees are all working diligently to improve our member services and our new website is progressing well and will be launched in the very near future. Stay tuned for the release!