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Spring 2024 Issue
This issue will explore strategies, best practices, and tips from a variety of professionals to address escalating condominium costs, reserve fund shortfalls and budgeting during uncertain times to help enhance the value of your condominium corporations.

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The Manager Shortage

The Back Page || Response by Deborah Howden

An advice column where you can ask any question or share a difficult situation relating to condominium management anonymously, and we will endeavour to find an appropriate expert in the field and publish an answer with some advice. Ask the hard questions you may have been afraid to ask for fear of repercussions. Your full name or company will never be published or shared.

The True Cost of Record Requests


The Back Page || Dean McCabe, RCM

In recent months there has been a disturbing trend with some decisions released by the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) regarding the allowances for property management’s time allocated to responding to records requests from unit owners.

Manager of the Year

Bes Kondi, RCM

The Back Page || Bes Kondi, RCM


The Sealed Bidding Process

The Back Page || Laura Lee, RCM

One bad apple can spoil the batch for the rest of the Property Managers in the industry. Board members who have experienced or read about an unfortunate situation during the procurement process in another building may distrust their manager and make accusations of price-fixing or receiving a kickback. Don’t take it personally.


Do Condominium Directors Risk Personal Liability?

The Back Page || James Davidson

The short answer to this question is “yes”, condominium directors do run risks of personal liability.

Leader of the Year

Judy Statham, RCM

The Back Page || Judy Statham, RCM

As the recipient of ACMO’s Leader of the Year for 2020, in addition to being extremely honoured and excited to accept this award and join past recipients, it was cause for reflection on what it really means to be an RCM and member of ACMO.

The Back Page

ACMO Condominium Management Awards 2020

The Back Page || Tracey Doherty

Each year, ACMO honours exceptional achievements in the condominium industry with its annual awards of excellence.


Let’s go forward, not back

The Back Page || Chris Jaglowitz

Though it’s natural to wish a speedy return to normalcy and slide back to the way things were, we have a unique opportunity to permanently improve the quality of our work, our lives and the service we provide our clients.

The Back Page

20th anniversary – ACMO 2000

The Back Page || Dianne Werbicki

In 2000, ten ACMO Corporate member management companies completed the inaugural certification process and became ACMO 2000 Certified. Among the early adopters of this ground-breaking program were DEL Property Management, Larlyn Property Management Ltd., Malvern Condominium Property Management, M.F. Property Management, Provincial Property Management and Tag–The Active Group.

The Back Page

Technology to Manage Business and Life

The Back Page || Dianne Werbicki

Annual Member Awards:

Recognizing Friendships and Bonds with ACMO Honours

The Back Page || Dianne Werbicki

It’s always a pleasure to attend the Annual Member Recognition Luncheon, especially when the opportunity arises to meet up with some of this Association’s original and founding members.