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Fall 2023 Issue
Condominium managers are not lawyers, although they know the Condominium Act in detail. They are often caught up in legal issues such as CAT disputes and CMRAO complaints. This issue will discuss navigating legal issues and how managers can protect themselves.

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From Elevators to Deductibles

News and Previews || Dianne Werbicki

The condominium industry is moving at a fast pace. Here are some newsworthy items that ACMO is watching and will report on from time to time to keep members and CM readers up to speed.

Your Letters

The Unfortunate Reality

News and Previews || Shawn Pulver

The Unfortunate Reality: Some Condominium Owners Taking Advantage of the Rights Afforded Under AODA and the Ontario Human Rights Code – a reply to a letter in spring CM magazine.


ACMO Courses Named a Requirement for Licensing

News and Previews || Dianne Werbicki

It has been an eventful summer for the condominium management industry and for professional condominium managers across this province. After several years of public consultations, ongoing meetings and expert roundtables to revise and update the Condominium Act, 1998, results and outcomes are now rolling out. In brief, here are some of the highlights and milestones:

Eco Rebates

& Incentives

News and Previews || unknown

Savvy managers and directors should always be on the lookout for opportunities to ‘go green’. New condo constructions are often built to LEED® standards or incorporate eco-advantages such as energy efficient windows, green roofs, solar panels, low voltaic paints and LED lighting.

What are You Doing

in Your Condo Community?

News and Previews || unknown

At High Park Lofts (437 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto) which is a geothermal building, we have changed toilets (the Board gave each resident a rebate of $100.00 for each low flow toilet installed), changed faucet aerators (the Board paid all the cost) and will be offering all residents the opportunity to replace shower heads with low-flow shower heads all at the Board’s costs.


ontinuing Educaation, Cabinet Shuffles, CAT Decisions and Condo Conference 2019

News and Previews || Dianne Werbicki

NEW Continuing Education Requirements for Condo Manager General Licence Renewal in 2019

22nd Annual

Condominium Conference

News and Previews || Ashley Chiaramida

This year’s Condominium Conference, organized jointly by ACMO and CCI- Toronto, was another great success! With over 1200 delegates, a vast educational program, upwards of 200 exhibitors and almost 40 sponsors, this year’s event wasn’t one to be missed.


Forms, Marijuana, and Licensing

News and Previews || Dianne Werbicki

The June provincial election in Ontario resulted in a majority Progressive Conservative government. Todd Smith, MPP for Bay of Quinte, has been named Minister of Government and Consumer Services as well as Government House Leader. ACMO looks forward to working closely with Minister Smith on issues of importance to our members.


Adapting to New Legislation

News and Previews || Dianne Werbicki,

The Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) has begun to issue licences for individual condominium managers and for management companies. We understand that the licences issued at this time reflect the applications received in November.


More on Forms, Marijuana and Licensing

News and Previews || Dianne Werbicki

In response to feedback received from the condominium industry, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services continues to hear about changes to the prescribed forms, either to make them more user-friendly or to correct issues in content or end use.