Five Ways to Get Your Property Ready for Fall

Autumn is here, and that means it's time for a fresh slate after a long and dry summer. Here are some quick tips to get your building ready for the upcoming holidays!

Window Cleaning
Don’t forget to give your property the extra sparkle it deserves! Remove all dirt and grime from your windows, so they shine from the inside and outside by ordering a window cleaning service. Thus, being located in rainy areas like Ontario requires windows to be cleaned regularly. Leaving your windows contaminated can cause damage, and they are expensive to replace. 

Carpet Cleaning
It is a great time of year for carpet cleaning; as the seasons change, carpets collect dirt and bacteria from the outside. Be sure to use an effective 100% natural solution that results in a superior cleaning and a fast drying time to limit the disruption to your property. When scheduling the frequency of carpet cleaning, notice must be observed of foot traffic. Not all areas need cleaning every month; depending on foot traffic, office carpet cleaning can be broken out into a monthly, quarterly and annual program. 

Window Caulking
Don’t lose precious indoor heat as the seasons change. Window caulking is an excellent way to maintain efficient temperature throughout the property. If you did window caulking in spring, it’s recommended to do a perimeter check to see if you need to touch up caulking in spots. 

Garage Washing
If you did not get rid of dust and dirt in underground parking areas, it might be a  good idea to do so now. Use power washing services to clean the garage area, drains and sump pits.

Finally, do your runners look tired and worn? It may be a great time to replace them or install your existing runners to brighten up common areas. Make sure to do it before winter starts since it will increase the safety in your common areas.


Reprinted with permission. Aurum Property Care is a leading property maintenance company servicing commercial highrise buildings nationwide.