Condominium Managers - The Silent Shareholders

In today’s world, criticism, be it constructive or negative, needs to be taken seriously and acted upon swiftly. Within the condominium industry, a condominium manager has very strict guidelines to follow, as well as the personal responsibility to create and strengthen fundamental moral values and principals, which will remain with them throughout their careers.

The condominium manager’s position is one that carries little merit when it comes to the “unknown.” Industry professionals, at all levels, may recall moments when a minor visual detail caused an uproar among residents, while major mechanical faults which were taken care of, go completely unnoticed. This “unknown” factor should never hinder or limit a manager’s judgement and/or desire to perform. Instead, pride should be taken knowing that we, as condominium managers, are a vital cog in the wheel of the corporation.

This is also where one needs to understand that a condominium manager is perceived and strictly judged by residents and shareholders of a corporation. 

This is when it’s imperative to note that you should take every step and make every decision, as if you, too, were a shareholder in the corporation. This instant mindset adjustment will prove to be invaluable as one’s entire outlook may change. 

By considering it your own, you will make informed, positive, and ultimately correct decisions and proposals to the Board of Directors.  Experienced Managers in the industry have been doing this with their properties, and it is the reason why success comes their way. 

Take a moment and make it your own.


Afreez Rahemtulla works as a property manager with Icon Property Management.