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April 6, 2021   News

The Dawning of a New Era for ACMO

On April 1, 2021, ACMO took an important step in its organizational evolution by becoming self-managed. Established in 1977, ACMO was originally managed by volunteers out of necessity, but with growth, they realized they needed help and decided to outsource the staffing and management of ACMO to BB&C Management Services in 1988.  This arrangement served the association well and BB&C was instrumental in helping the association grow and succeed in subsequent years.  

More recently, ACMO’s board of directors concluded that the association had matured and grown in complexity to the point that it would benefit from transitioning from a volunteer-led operation to one led by professional staff, with volunteers focused on guiding strategic direction and policy.  The board initiated this process in 2019 by hiring a full-time, dedicated Executive Director who undertook an organizational assessment and led the board and staff through a strategic planning process. One of the resulting strategic goals was to become self-managed as a means of improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. This was realized on April 1st, 2021. 

ACMO has hired the BB&C staff that had been working with the association, and all processes and business relationships have been migrated over to ACMO.  A search is underway for new office space to accommodate the association’s small team of five but ACMO will continue sharing BB&C’s offices under a sub-lease arrangement during the search. 

ACMO extends heartfelt thanks to BB&C Management Services for their dedicated service and support to the association over the years and wishes them every success in future.