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ACMO is Ontario’s only professional association dedicated to supporting, educating, and promoting condominium managers, management firms and supplier companies to improve the quality of the services they provide. Since 1977, ACMO has cultivated a community of more than 1,700 members dedicated to pursuing a higher standard beyond the minimum regulatory requirements. ACMO connects you to this exclusive professional network so you can tap into education, expertise, professional designations, resources, advocacy, and support.  Some of the benefits of participating in our professional community include:
Convenient Continuing Education – Be Your Best and Stay Ahead of the Rest

For more than 40 years, ACMO has been committed to educational excellence and a leader in delivering education and professional development opportunities to the condominium management industry.  Building on the knowledge managers acquire through the four ACMO courses required for licensing; we offer in-person and virtual educational seminars and webinars throughout the year so condominium managers can expand and update their expertise to deliver the best possible service to their clients. Check the Event Calendar for more information on scheduled events.  In addition, we partner with CCI-Toronto to host the Condo Conference, the ultimate continuing education opportunity attended by more than 1,500 individuals annually.

Connect For Success – You Are Not Alone

Condominium management can be a challenging profession, and there will be times where you may not know where to turn for expertise, help and advice. As part of our professional community, you are never alone and have access to a wealth of knowledge and support. Through ACMO’s educational and networking events, online forums and access to our private membership directory, you can reach and network with your peers, industry experts, and suppliers to get the expertise and help you need to succeed. 

Our Higher Standards – Your Competitive Advantage

You have met the regulatory minimum and secured your General License or Condominium Management Provider Licence, but is this enough to succeed in the rapidly changing and competitive condominium industry?  In a word, no.  ACMO’s industry-leading Registered Condominium Manager (RCM) Designation and ACMO 2000 Certification represents the gold standard of condominium management expertise and integrity in our industry and goes well beyond basic regulatory licensing requirements.  Individuals and firms who voluntarily achieve these higher designations follow our strict Code of Ethics and are committed to excellence and being the best they can be. As such, they have a distinct competitive advantage to leverage in a competitive industry and are highly sought after. Condo board directors need only search ACMO’s online RCM Registry or list of ACMO 2000 Certified firms to ensure they are getting the best management for their condo. We encourage all members to proudly promote their ACMO membership to get noticed and advance their careers or business.

Keeping You Current – Your Information Clearinghouse

ACMO understands that you are a busy condominium professional with precious free time to stay abreast of industry developments, so we work hard to fill that gap by providing you with all of the latest industry news, trends, regulatory updates, and best practices. Through our industry-leading CM magazine delivered to your home four times a year, downloadable resources from our comprehensive website, archived webinars, member information portal, social media channels, supplier directory, email blasts and weekly e-newsletter, we give you 24/7 access to a wealth of condominium management information and expertise, available at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Advocating For Our Profession – Serving Your Interests & Promoting Your Value

For more than 40 years, ACMO has been the thought leader and driving force in promoting and building the condominium management profession and helping shape its regulatory framework. ACMO actively champions the needs and interests of our members through ongoing communication and consultations with all levels of government and government agencies.  Throughout the year, ACMO runs ongoing multi-media promotions and ad campaigns to promote the value of our professional designations, membership, and profession to influence the decision-makers in our industry and attract more people to condominium management. 

Saving You Money – Discounts on Insurance, Travel, and Products

ACMO members have access to the ACMO Group Insurance Program through Jones DesLauriers and discounts on travel and accommodations and products through Perkopolis.  

Paying it Forward – Helping Advance Our Profession

We encourage our members to pass along their knowledge and expertise by volunteering on ACMO committees or working groups, writing content for our magazines and publications, and helping to guide and mentor those new to the industry. It is a great way to raise your profile while paying it forward.  The key to ACMO’s success is that we are a learning community of condominium management professionals and firms engaged in helping, sharing and supporting each other.

Together We are Better

Whether you are a condominium manager or professional, a student studying condo management, a property management firm, a supplier, or someone interested in condominium management, you can benefit from participating in and leveraging our professional community. Choose the ACMO membership that is right for you and elevate your career, your business, and your profession.

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“The support, continuous education, and professional development provided along with the creation of a lifetime of professional relationships are owed to ACMO.

Judy Statham, RCM

“The support that ACMO offers managers is exceptional.  I appreciate how they have adapted to the current times and have continued to provide the same high-quality informational sessions, but in  various formats that everyone can find something that works for them to take part in.”

Kelly Halkett, RCM

“ACMO members have access to a wealth of resources and the opportunity to network with other professionals to share experiences, expertise and best practices.”

Eric Plant, RCM

“I greatly appreciate the exciting 33-year journey the ACMO has taken me on, filled with education, networking opportunities and fond memories.

Henry Dwinnel, RCM Non-Practicing


“I would recommend the ACMO Student Membership for any aspiring property manager. The numerous resources made available, along with the generous rates for the various seminars, webinars and conferences make the membership extremely valuable. The ACMO staff and volunteers provide excellent support and guidance to all members.

Elliot Shermet, Student Member


“Being an ACMO member means providing the highest professional standards above and beyond minimum requirements. Knowing I am a part of an organization that cares for the clients they serve, helps give me confidence as an individual and a condominium manager.”

Teressa Cummings, Individual Member


“Being an ACMO Associate Member is a key way to stay current in industry developments and support condo managers in our shared work.”

Chris Jaglowitz, Associate Member