ACMOcon Condominium Management Conference

June 18, 2021, 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario, the only professional association dedicated to supporting condominium management professionals and improving the quality of the services they provide, is pleased to announce our first virtual condominium management conference, ACMOcon. Join us for a full day of networking with peers and suppliers, and a comprehensive education schedule on an easy-to-use digital platform.

Demonstrating Integrity and Professionalism Every Day:
Best Practices for Condominium Managers
Focusing on foundational and professional competencies in the CMRAO framework, specifically interpersonal skills, communication, ethics and professional development.
Cost to Attend: 
  • $25.00 +HST for Student, Individual, RCM, Corporate, and ACMO 2000 Members
  • $75.00 +HST for Associate Members
  • $55.00 +HST for Non-Member Managers 


Exhibitor and Sponsorship Opportunities:  
Session Descriptions:
Opening Plenary: A Matter of Principle: Ethical Condominium Management
As an RCM with a general licence, you are subject to two Codes of Ethics – ACMO’s and the CMRAO’s. The stakes are high if you breach either code. Are you clear on what your obligations are? Do you know how to ensure your behaviour is well within the codes? You will leave this session with a clear idea of what behaviour is ethical and what could potentially get you into trouble.

Session 1A: Avoiding the Conflict of Interest Trap
What is a conflict of interest? As a manager, is it okay to take those tickets for a ball game that a current or potential contractor offers? Is it ever okay to take anything from anyone? This session will help you recognize and avoid conflict of interest by providing examples of common situations that managers face every day and giving you strategies for deal with them.
Session 1B: Essential Skills for Successful Communications
Managers communicate in writing and verbally every day. Do you wonder why you never get the outcome you want or why it takes so long to get the desired result? This session will provide strategies to help you improve your written and verbal communications and give examples of situations managed successfully using a targeted and strategic approach.
Session 2A: Finding Common Ground While Managing Conflict
It seems that managers are confronted every day by conflict and are often expected to either deal with it or make it all go away. Do you have the skills you need to recognize conflict, avoid it where possible, or manage it when it’s not possible to avoid? This session will give you examples of typical situations that managers come across and provide strategies that will allow you to successfully manage conflict.
Session 2B: Shorten Your Day with Effective Time Management
Do you often find your day is getting longer while you seem to be accomplishing less and less? You aren’t alone – managers have so many demands on their time and sometimes don’t have the skills necessary to meet them all. This session will provide strategies for improving your organizational and time management skills to be more productive and efficient.
Closing Plenary: CAT Calls: Lessons Learned From Recent Tribunal Decisions
The CAT mandate has expanded and they are now hearing a wider variety of cases. What do the latest decisions tell us about their effectiveness? Is CAT achieving all that it set out to do? Where will it go in the future, and what will be added next to their list of mandates?




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