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Seeking an experienced Registered Condominium Manager (RCM) holding either a General Licence or Transitional General Licence for a full-time position in London Ontario. Instead of 10 or more buildings in a typical condo managers’ portfolio, this position involves full time management of this one London property and assisting in the management of a Hamilton Property. Both condominium corporations also have a rental component and while rental management experience is not necessary for this position, willingness to learn how to manage the rental program is essential. Our company is proud of our exclusive management style and systems, which specializes in renovating large, aging and poorly managed condominium buildings, turning them into attractive, high performing corporations.

This 400-unit condominium property in London (located near Oxford & Highbury) is nearing the completion of its 6+ million-dollar improvement. The large Hamilton property completed a 10+ million dollar improved several years ago and is performing successfully today, having one of the lowest condo fees in the market for its unit type. The London position will involve a visit to Hamilton once every 2 weeks or so. If you are interested in focusing your skills on a couple of properties and learn our management style and systems and committed to help further improve them where possible, please answer the following questions along with your updated resume:

#1. Are you a General Licensee or a Transitional General Licensee & in good standing with CMRAO?

#2. Are you a member of ACMO or CCI or any other professional associations?

#3. What is a brief history of your background in the industry? – how long? where? etc.

#4. What is the most number of condo corporations you have had to manage in a portfolio?

#5. What is the largest condominium corporation you have held AGM’s for?

#6. What are you doing in the industry today?

#7. How willing are you to learn and work and even help improve new management systems?

#8. How familiar are you with condominium management accounting software such as YARDI or SPECTRA?

#9. Based on where you live, how long might it take you to drive, on average, to Oxford & Highbury in London?

#10. What would you require as your minimum annual salary?

#11. Would you be able to provide a couple of good references?

#12. Best time to contact you and your cell number?

Please email us at

Before pressing “SEND” on your email, please ensure you have answered all 12 questions above and if you have it ready, a copy of your resume. If you do not have a resume ready, you can provide it later.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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