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Babcock and Robinson

Property Manager

Department: Operations

Reports To: Senior Management

Overall Responsibilities: Manages the day to day operations and assets of several Condominium Corporations.



·Plans and manages building maintenance repair programs through staff and third-party contractors

·Monitors the quality of all repairs and maintenance

·Negotiates and monitors building service contracts

·Manages administrative, operations and security programs, ensuring optimum building performance.

·On-going review of reserve fund study and implement as applicable (requires Board approval)

·Management of special projects as required

·Implements seasonal maintenance programs

·Maintains cohesive relationship with the superintendent

·Implements Declaration with respect to insurance and suite repairs


·Acts of prime contact with the Board of Directors

·Prepares monthly board of Directors Information Package including monthly report

·Attends board meetings

·Supervises all corporation employees and outsourced contract employees and contractors

·Assists Board in development and implementation of corporate policies (ie. Harassment Policy)

·Prepares and delivers AGM materials to owners in accordance with Condominium Act of Ontario

·Ensures the integrity of the Resident Registry Files

·Establishes 24-hour emergency response procedure

·Acts on behalf of the Corporation in resolving residential issues


·Prepares and Manages capital and operating budgets

·Implements expenditures in accordance with Board policy

·Reviews monthly unaudited financial statements and prepares financial variance analysis

·Reviews arrears and ensures timely collection

·Maintains a working knowledge of Corporations investment plan


·Enforces the corporation’s documentation including rules, regulations and by laws, as set out in the corporations Declaration in accordance with the Condominium Act of Ontario,

·Enforces Legislative Codes pertaining to Life Safety, Human Rights Issues, and Municipal codes.


Please contact Bob Babcock at 705-748-5411 or email at, for all interest and inquires.

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